Our Vision

To see every abandoned baby united into a loving family.

Our Mission:

Sinakekele Children is committed to:

  • Following the example of Our Lord Jesus Christ in affirming the sanctity and dignity of children.
  • Providing a safe and loving environment for orphaned and abandoned babies.
  • Upholding and promoting children’s rights.
  • Bringing hope to orphaned and abandoned babies who are innocent victims of the AIDS pandemic.
  • Ensuring the spiritual, psychological, physical and moral well being of the babies.

Sinakekele Children will provide care for abandoned babies affected by/infected with HIV/AIDS, in the following manner:

  • Short term respite care e.g. should a mother suddenly be hospitalised as a result of AIDS, or other illness.
  • Interim care for abandoned babies, while “forever families” are found.
  • Permanent care for babies who have not found “forever families” by the age of 3.
  • Support groups for adoptive families in the community.

Our Objectives:

(a) The organisation’s main objectives are to:

  • Provide a safe and loving home for abandoned and orphaned babies.
  • Participate in and contribute to the education, nurturing and raising of abandoned and orphaned babies into valuable, confident, and productive members of society.
  • Meet the needs of these babies: Spiritual, psychological, educational and moral.
  • Pro-actively find “forever” families for our babies.

(b) The organisation’s secondary objectives are to:

  • Provide interim care to babies awaiting permanent placement.
  • Provide support to foster/adoptive parents in the community.
  • Encourage and provide an opportunity for the community to participate in the nurturing of our babies.