uKuthola Programme

‘Sinakekele’ (which means take good care of us) is a transitional home for abandoned babies situated in Verulam. It provides a nurturing environment for children that are waiting to be adopted.

There are many people in the world today that would love to make a difference; regrettably few are able to live their dream. Many of us would love to adopt a child, however for many reasons this is just not possible in our lives, although there are many of us who could adopt a cot and contribute towards the nurturing of a precious baby in the first crucial few years of the little ones life.

At Sinakekele we have six beautiful little children sleeping in the following cots, awaiting adoption:

  • Love

  • Dream

  • Joy

  • Hope

  • Faith

  • Peace

As our babies are transitory, awaiting their “Forever Families”; it would be wonderful if you could help us by sponsoring a cot rather than a baby. As soon as a baby leaves, the cot gets filled with a new baby.

For a mere R100.00 per month – you are able to choose the cot you wish to sponsor. By pledging to give a monthly contribution you will be assisting us in providing our babies needs. This money will be put towards expenses such as formula, nappies, cereal, bath products, wet wipes, vitamins as well as medicine when needed. We want our babies to be as healthy, happy and well taken care of as possible.

Our suggested minimum commitment is six (6) months, after which you can notify us, should you wish to recommit to the programme. We ask that the money be paid monthly, or in a lump sum directly into our bank account. Whichever way you choose to donate, we would encourage you to please do so via EFT, Zapper, Paypal or Givengain. Our financial records are available on request and are audited annually. Please also feel free to visit Sinakekele, and personally experience the level of love and care that we provide our babies.

When you choose which cot you are sponsoring, you will receive a certificate from Sinakekele with a photo of your baby’s feet. This may sound odd but with the Child Care act we are not allowed to give out any identifying particulars of our babies. We would simply say your cot is occupied by “Baby E” – he is a boy and is 6 months old. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook where we update you on all our babies news!

As a Non Profit, Public Benefit Organisation we are able to provide section 18A tax certificates for all donations received. Should you require a Section 18A Tax Certificate, please request so via email. ( )

Sponsorship Form:
I hereby commit to sponsoring a cot for a period of 6 months. I pledge to donate to Sinakekele Children the sum of R100 per month via EFT, Debit Order or Paypal.