Volunteer Programme

International Volunteers

Young adults who feel led to serve are encouraged to complete the required application form and email this to info@sinakekele.org.za

Our babies truly do benefit from the care and love that they receive from the volunteers who come with a passion and a heart to love.

Our volunteers leave with a sense of fulfillment, having been blessed themselves in the process of blessing others.

Local Volunteers

Local people within the community, who would like to volunteer their services at Sinakekele are encouraged to give us a call on 083 411 0789 / 083 300 9259 or forward our volunteer application form to us.

There are many different tasks that need attention on a daily basis, from child care to maintenance.

Download Volunteer Application Form

Sinakekele Children are most grateful to all our special local and international volunteers who have made such a difference to so many young babies and children’s lives.